Our Values

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No dog to be ‘farmed’ or treated as a commodity.

All dogs to be enabled to live a ‘good life’, with access to  wholesome food and fresh water, veterinary care, daily exercise and an opportunity for mental stimulation, companionship and fun.

Every dog involved in breeding to undergo relevant health screening prior to mating and to undergo regular health and behavioural assessment.

Female dogs involved in breeding not to produce more than one litter in any 12 month period, and no more than 2 litters in their lifetime.

Male dogs involved in breeding to be fully cared for and never kept in isolated conditions.

Puppies always to be reared with full consideration of their health and emotional needs, including adequate exercise and socialisation.

No puppy to be removed from his or her mother before the age of 8 weeks.

No breeding licence to be issued unless the welfare needs of every dog can be assured.

All breeders not willing to provide a lifetime of care for their dogs to have an official retirement policy with dogs being rehomed via appropriate sources such as rescue centres.

All dogs to be registered and micro-chipped.

Non-breeding dogs to be neutered, where health is not compromised, at an age recommended by a vet, to prevent accidental litters.

Adoption from a rescue shelter to be sought wherever possible, before the purchase of a puppy is considered.

Puppies only to be purchased directly from reputable breeders, and never from pet shops or any type of puppy dealer.

Purchasers of puppies to be able to view the puppy with the mother in the environment where she is kept, and to be provided with all necessary documentation to establish health and pedigree.

Full traceability of a puppy with the natural mother through microchipping to accompany every puppy purchased.

All owners/guardian to make a lifetime commitment to the respect, care and welfare of their canine companions.